Do you sell services and can't figure out how to raise your prices?

Time to take your coaching practice to the next level and charge the prices you deserve.

Born again hypnotist who got called to be the Mother Theresa of F***s given, teaches his secrets on how he managed to triple his prices within 6 months, so that you can break through this invisible ceiling as well.

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René Klein

Hypnotic Breakthrough Coach

Chris Thompson

Marketing Mastermind Extraordinaire and one half of the brilliant Stormrider duo.

René is an execution machine.

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  • How and when to give people your price, so that you stay in complete control of the sale....yes, there are instances when you should never ever give your price and I talk about this quite often (unless you wanna lose a sale right from the start).
  • What to do when a customer calls and tells you that your service is too expensive. There is a simple answer you can give them that will qualify them easily and might make that sale happen even though it just went down the drain moments before.
  • The one thing you must introduce into your business to let it grow from week to week, month to month and year to year (this is not newbie advice, if you are starting out, this advice will not help you and frankly if you are just starting out, other coaches might be better suited to help you)
  • The biggest gift my father gave me and what I am still very grateful for everyday. And yes, it is business advice. Plain and simple. My Father was a self made business man as well. If you want to learn about this mysterious mindset shift, then sign up. Will it help you as much as it helped me? Probably not, but if you really are eager to learn, there might be a learning inside this story for you as well. 
  • BONUS: you'll get an interview I did with Chris Thompson for his exclusive members only area of the Mike Mandel hypnosis academy. In this interview I laid out my marketing strategy I used back then to acquire new clients for my stop smoking business, I talked about setting prices and we discussed all kinds of marketing strategy that propelled me forward in 2019.

About René Klein

It would be best now to tell you about my vast education, the fact that I majored in economics half a lifetime ago from the most prestigious university in Germany, or the fact that I can set up Google Ads profitably for a hypnosis business or just the fact that I as a former shy-as-f*** person transitioned into an eager sales person, that actually loves cold calling and enjoys to talk to strangers everywhere and sell them my hypnosis packages.